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All of the above and many more "SoM" sites make up the social media landscape. Attendees will learn what they need to do to be part of this growing phenomenon, the dos and the don'ts and its associated issues. The key is to make sure that you enter this social world with your eyes wide open to gain an understanding of what it can mean to your business.


Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has grown to include over 500 million active users. Average users have 130 friends and people spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook. Facebook has also gone global, with 70% of Facebook users outside the United States. Around the world, more than 25 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) are shared each month.

The most valuable brands in the world are experiencing a direct correlation between financial performance and social media engagement, and Facebook is a key component of that engagement. Today, socially engaged companies are more financially successful. With such a large audience, Facebook is a great place for hoteliers to reach both loyal fans and prospective guests.

The Shift from Search to Social

Social networks have dramatically changed the way people discover information. Today, people are more likely to learn about new goods and services from their friends than from any other source (including TV or online advertising). If you’re already on Facebook, take a close look at your news feed. You’ll be amazed at the amount of content that your friends share about products and services that they love.

For businesses, the viral nature of Facebook presents a huge opportunity for your evangelists and fans to spread the word in a natural way. Imagine if each happy guest told 50 friends about their great stay at your hotel. This is the power of Facebook.

Facebook is only one of the many facets of Social Media. The others like Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and the like, are important communication tools. They can assist and potentially hurt your business.

Review Sites

Review sites like TripAdvisor are also in the Social Media category. There are a number of these sites that are used by consumers to rate the performance of a property and include the ability to provide comments on service. Again, these are used by consumers to determine where they should stay.

There is no doubt that the property must be aware of the power of review sites with Social Media. To a large degree what is said on the review sites about the property is out of their control. However this information must be monitored and responses provided. The property should also become involved in the social discussion that takes place.

Reputation Management

Managing a properties presence and performance on Social Media (social mentions) is an important aspect of a property's online performance monitoring. Negative or positive reviews, comments on twitter and blogs etc need to be addressed, and responses provided to demonstrate to the travelling public that the property is serious about their service standards and customer satisfaction.

Learn about the tools that are available to assist in the monitoring and management of your online performance pertaining to social media at the Online Presence conference.

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